Home Movie Day


Several weeks ago SAA-UW attended Home Movie Day, part of a national celebration.  The event was run by Hannah Palin, UW Film Archives Specialist, and Phil Borgnes of Sidewalk Cinema.  Guest post by Beck Prigot, photos courtesy of Hannah Palin and Beck Prigot.

I was fortunate enough to attend the Northwest Film Forum’s Home Movie Day, part of a national initiative to “celebrat[e]…amateur films and filmmaking,” as the official website puts it. It proved to be an interesting way to learn about the complexities of amateur film-making and -screening, a great chance to meet fellow film geeks, and one of the best ways to spend a rainy Saturday morning.


My favorite film shown that day was the montage of various places around the globe: we were able to determine that parts of it were shot at Woodstock and an anti-war protest on the National Mall, and a few of us were able to mark off several spots on our “Home Movie Bingo” cards as a result of careful observation. A close second would have to be the home movies from the family of one of the UW librarians running the event (thus adding a more personal touch to the event).


I learned that showing home movies was not necessarily a one-camera operation, nor was it always an easy task to do so. At least three projectors of varying sizes and complexities were set up on the table in front (in order to accommodate the various film sizes) and the showing of the last film was cut short when a hole got burned into the film.


Afterwards, a few members of our group trekked over to the Elysian Brewing Company up the street to toast the day with some craft beers: a perfect finish to the event. I look forward to seeing more of my friends at next year’s HMD. Who knows? There might even be a few potential contributions within the cohort.



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