Provenance Special Issue for Students and New Archives Professionals

The following was sent out on the iMLIS news list and we’re signal-boosting.  From Cheryl Oestreicher:


I am the editor of Provenance, and would like to propose the following.

As students and new professionals learn the profession, you are exposed to a lot of books and other literature. The publishing process can be daunting and Provenance, Journal of the Society of Georgia Archivists would like to help demystify the submission and peer-review process.

Provenance recognizes the evolving needs within the profession and is working to address those changes when possible. For example, we published our special issue on advocacy in Sept. 2013 (

We would like to offer SNAP members an opportunity to be featured in a special issue of Provenance and participate in the submission and editing process from start to finish. This is an opportunity for SNAP members to be responsible for the content of an entire issue, including soliciting articles, being the peer-reviewers, and editing and indexing the entire issue. Members of the SNAP Steering Committee will act as editors, and members can fill additional roles. The Provenance board will provide guidance and direction, but we want this to be your issue. One stipulation is that those submitting articles are limited to people who have never been published in a peer-review archives journal (this excludes newsletters, Archival Outlook, etc.).

We want this to be a learning experience about the peer-review and article publishing process. It’s an opportunity to share your voices and receive feedback (not from professors) about writing, content, and contributions to archival theory and practice. There would be no constraints to the topics, but we want to maintain the existing standards maintained by Provenance (

This will be published as an online-only issue, openly available to everyone, in fall of 2015. We recognize that because this process is new to most SNAP members, we want to provide enough time for submission, review, and edits to produce an issue that SNAP will be proud of. The timeline is as follows:

October 2014 – send out call for papers
January 31, 2015 – submissions due
March 2015 – complete all peer-review evaluations
March-June 2015 – authors complete edits/revisions
July 2015 – issue prepared for publication (done by Provenance staff)
August 2015 – final review by authors/editors
September 2015 – published online (

Though the purpose is for authors to produce peer-reviewed articles, we are open to other ideas for content. Because this will be an online issue, there are no restrictions on the number of articles or other content.

Article submissions can be emailed to the guest editors: Caitlin Wells ( and Roxanne Dunn ( or submitted via the online system: Include a cover sheet with a brief statement that your submission is for the SNAP issue.

Guest co-editors: Caitlin Wells and Roxanne Dunn
Reviews editor: Gloria Gonzalez
Copy editor: April Sparks
Indexer: James Northway

To volunteer to be a peer-reviewer, please email the guest editors and Cheryl Oestreicher.

Article submissions will be reviewed using the American Archivist rubric: There will be three peer-reviewers per submission.

Questions can be directed to the guest editors and Cheryl Oestreicher (

Provenance looks forward to working with you!

Thank you,

Cheryl Oestreicher
Editor, Provenance, Journal of the Society of Georgia Archivists


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