Jessica Jones (Gimse) —
Howard Clifford Collection

Tell us a little about your project.  Who’s your sponsor?  What will you be doing?

I am working with UW Special Collections Visual Materials Curator Nicolette Bromberg. I will be processing the Howard Clifford Collection, which is a collection of prints and negatives that has been with UWSC since the 1970s. Clifford was a photographer for the Tacoma News Tribune in the 1930s and 1940s and a company photographer for a regional airline in Alaska in the 1950s and 1960s.

What have you learned about archives / what do you hope to learn about archives from this project?

I have a fair amount of experience in processing textual and analog audio/visual media collections, but not as much with photographic materials. I am really looking forward to gaining some technical preservation experience with this type of collection.

What’s your favorite part / most interesting find so far?

Coincidentally, this collection seems to be combining two of my favorite geographical subject areas (having grown up in Tacoma and lived in Alaska for several years). Howard captured such varied experiences — as serious as the Japanese Internment to as light-hearted as the Miss Alaska Fur Rendezvous Pageant — that I find myself wavering between sadness and merriment as I explore his collection.

Anything else?

For a look at a few of Clifford’s pictures, see my Capstone intro video.


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