As promised, here are the slides Emily Dominick presented at the information session for the Academy of Certified Archivists exam.

ACA Outreach PPT 2016-2017

Following the presentation, Emily answered some questions posed by the audience. Both questions and answers are paraphrased.

What qualifies as an archival program/degree concentration?

  • An archival concentration is considered 9 semester or 12 quarter credit hours. For the iSchool’s curriculum, this may include LIS 505, LIS 507, Data Curation or Digital Preservation courses, and/or DFWs. The application to take the test will ask for elaboration.

What qualifies as professional experience?

  • Generally, professional experience means work done as a professional – in other words, work that requires a higher degree and not performed by a student. However, it may be possible to make the argument for what “professional-level” means.

Does experience in countries outside the US count?

  • Yes, but you must demonstrate they fall in the role delineation as outlined by ACA.

How did Emily study for the exam?

  • Online study group that met once a week for a couple months (see the 2016 Academy of Certified Archivists Exam Study Partner contact info spreadsheet).
  • Because there are only 100 questions, you can’t ever know where they’ll be drawn from, so more studying is required than will be tested.
  • Sometimes people just take it to see how they do (usually once they’re in the profession and have a bit more experience). There’s also no limit on the number of times you can take it.

Are there jobs where certification is required?

  • Corporate jobs may want to have the certification since the people doing the hiring don’t know much about archives. The certification may set you apart from other candidates, but it is not usually required. Some jobs, such as government archival positions, may encourage you to become certified.

What exactly is required for provisional certification?

  • Unclear if the archival concentration (9 semester/12 quarter hours) is needed. If not, then you have 3 years to get 2 years experience. If it is required, then you have 3 years to get 1 year experience. (See slides 9-11)

If you’re going to SAA Annual Meeting…

  • Test is offered there (next year, 2017, is in Portland, OR). The ACA also has a meeting at SAA Annual.

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