Alyson Sharp, Co-Chair
MLIS Online Student, 2019
Casper, Wyoming

I fell in love with archives while utilizing the National Archives in Washington DC for an undergraduate history paper competition. There is a connection to the past and an eye-opening that comes from reading the words and thoughts of those who have paved the way for us. History and the people become real, as do their struggles and successes. My dream is to help facilitate that connection to the past at a younger age, introducing elementary and secondary aged students to the value of archives. Ideally, I would love to create an outreach program that excites students about archives, introducing students to their potential uses and creating connections to the past in a tangible way. In doing so, I hope to inspire a new and more diverse group of users and professional archivists that better reflect the society in which we live.

Marie Andrews, Co-Chair
MLIS Online Student, 2019
Albuquerque, New Mexico

What drew me to archives was the ways communities may use to them to secure their stories, define their worldview, and engender social justice.  Whenever I need inspiration I watch the Tate’s series on Animating the Archives, especially the video on Oral Storytelling.  I love making things efficient and beautiful, and go crazy for Marie Kondo, books covers, and well-designed systems and spaces.  I spent my spring break watching Abstract episodes on Netflix, napping, reading, and drawing.

Ben Riesenberg, Vice Chair
MLIS Residential Student, 2018
Seattle, Washington

The thing I find most fascinating about archives is that—if we do our jobs well and advocate for the importance of our work—what we preserve, describe, and safeguard today could help someone in the far-off future answer an important question.  I like comics and walking around in the sunshine (when sunshine is available).

Victoria Comer, Treasurer
MLIS Online Student, 2019
Puyallup, Washington

Archives are important to me for the fact that I would love to be a part of the magnificent men and women who have come before me to preserve an accurate account of this country’s history; ensuring that generations today and those after us know where we have started and the bravery of rebellious spirits, who fought to accomplish freedom for all cultures and walks of life.  It is essential to me to preserve that, so that one day we will have that ultimate freedom we strive for.  I am a mother of three boys, a lover of all things Calvin and Hobbes and comics, British humor, an avid map collector (who often gets lost in a paper bag), and love to do “mom dances” in public much to my kid’s chagrin.

Candice Larson, Distance Representative
MLIS Online Student, 2019
Atlanta, Georgia

Archives are important to me because they not only contain information from our past but are vital in our present. Archives serve as a constant reminder of where we have been in history, how far we have come, and how far we need to continue to go in order to make sure everyone’s voice is being documented, preserved, and represented. Archivists are critical actors in this process and I would feel honored to one day be considered a part of the archival profession. As for myself, I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia with my seven year old daughter, teach world history to undergraduate students, spend a large quantity of my time around coffee, love to read whenever I am able, and can usually be spotted listening and singing to loud music in my car.


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