Thinking about pursuing archives?

Check out SAA’s student page.  They provide an overview of the profession, which ranges from preservation, organization, cataloging, reference, administrative functions and records management to outreach, grant writing, and digital collections.

What about classes at UW?

UW does not offer a certificate or focus in archives. They do have exceptional classes on topics and areas relevant to archival work:

  • LIS 505 – Archival and Manuscript Services (3)
  • LIS 507 – Preservation and Conservation of Library Materials (3)
  • LIS 508 – History of Recorded Information (4)
  • LIS 526 – Government Publications (3)
  • LIS 531 – Catalogs, Cataloging, and Classification (4)
  • LIS 534 – Indigenous Systems of Knowledge (3)
  • LIS 535 – Classification Theory (3)
  • INFX 537 – Construction of Indexing Languages (4)
  • And many more!

The University of Washington also offers a Master of Arts in Museology, and many of the electives in this program are relevant to archives, including issues of Fundraising, Planning Exhibits, Preservation/Conservation and more.

Additionally, all courses from the Textual Studies Certificate Program may count towards the MLIS.

Are you interested in a Master’s Degree in Archive Studies?

Western Washington University offers a one-year program to students with an MLIS degree. The SAA website has a guide to certificate programs.

Or, search SAA’s directory of Archival Education.



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