SAA-UW hosted two archivists, Libby Hopfauf and Ari Lavigne, from MIPoPS (Moving Image Preservation of Puget Sound) for an online chat on May 23rd, 2019. Both Libby and Ari are UW MLIS alums!

Here’s a quick recap about what we chatted about:

  • What MIPoPS is and how it’s grown – you can find more information on their website!
  • How Libby and Ari became interested in audiovisual materials and digitizing film:
    • Libby: Worked at UW Special Collections for her capstone project as a MLIS student
    • Ari: Worked on digital projects at UW while a MLIS student and worked with Libby on an archival research project. Libby trained Ari when a grant funded position opened at MIPoPS
  • Both mentioned the importance of finding someone to take you under their wing if you’re interested in working with audiovisual materials in the PNW, especially since there are very few opportunities here
  • As a small group, Libby and Ari are involved in a lot of different archive-related tasks such as digitizing materials, troubleshooting, improving documentation, preparing materials for screenings, cataloging and providing access, coding, streamlining processes, training volunteers, and more
  • Favorite part about working at MIPoPS:
    • Libby: educating people and passing on knowledge. MIPoPS creates a community where people can come and learn and it’s also fun to see what materials people bring in
    • Ari: lots of room to learn new skills and grow as an archivist especially when thinking of how to automate certain tasks.
  • Favorite projects:
    • Libby: Northwest Asian American Theatre collection from the Wing Luke Museum and narrative pieces from Scarecrow Videos
    • Ari: Automation projects and digitizing a collection of primary source materials on indigenous cultures in the PNW from UW Ethnomusicology
  • Advice for UW MLIS students
    • Take classes from Helene, especially academic librarianship – where you have the chance to crawl job listings and figure out what skills you need to get out of grad schools
    • Gain archiving experience outside of the program such as through a DFW or independent study. Volunteering is another great way to gain experiences

Thank you to Ari and Libby from MIPoPS! You can contact them with further questions through email:



Check out screenings on their YouTube channel and Facebook:

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